We provide many distinctive and flexible services for our clients.  Some of our
employer services include:
  • Ability to handle garnishments
  • Ability to run payrolls for 1099 subcontractors
  • Salary or rate/hour for employee payment
  • Third party checks - health, 401K, IRA plans, etc.
  • Pay frequency options include weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly
  • Storage of multiple contacts and mailing information
  • Many processing methods - call schedule, client call in, automatic, or fax
  • Two billing options including automatic debit or supplied payment check
  • Signature signing for employee and payee paper checks
  • Envelope stuffing for employee and payee paper checks
  • Pay-as-you-go Workers' Compensation package
Tax Services
We provide the following method for collecting and/or paying our client's taxes

  • Automatic tax filing - we automatically debit our client's bank account and
    will be responsible for paying the taxes on behalf of our client
  • Verification of payment is displayed on the Tax Summary report under the
    Seq ID and Due Date columns for both the state and federal taxes
Employer Services
Manage up to 3 bank accounts with separate check sequencing
  • Payroll account - used for employee/payee checks and Direct Deposit
  • Tax account - used for tax collection if the client is an automatic tax filer
  • Billing account - used for monthly billing if the client is an automatic biller
Our payroll specialists, with over 22
years of experience, stay current
with the changing tax laws and
calculations so you don't have to.
We can provide detailed employer
and employee tax breakdowns as
well as gross and net wages
to processing your payroll to ensure
correct calculations.
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