Payroll Reports
Our optional reports are available at
any time for no additional cost.  
Simply ask your specialist if you
would like to include it at the time
your payroll is processed.
We know that sometimes there's
information that is not displayed on
our current report selection so we
will create custom reports as an
additional service for our clients.
We provide many detailed reports throughout the year.  They include:
Every payroll run (weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly)
  • Mail Sheet
  • Payroll Journal with Adjustment Journal (if needed)
  • Tax Summary
  • Time Sheet
  • Direct Deposit Summary (for employees with Direct Deposit)
  • Adjustment Detail (for tracking contributions to plans like 401K, IRA, health)
  • New Hire (for any new employees added this pay period)
  • Time Off Detail (for employees that track vacation, holiday, sick, or personal)
  • Withholding/Unemployment Payment Checks (for manual tax filing clients)
End of month (includes all reports above PLUS)
  • General Ledger
  • Check Register
  • Billing Detail (with Billing Payment Check for manual billing clients)
  • SUI Tax Adjustment (once in March when the state rate changes)
End of quarter (includes all reports above PLUS)
End of year (includes all reports above PLUS)
Optional reports
  • Tip Credit
  • Client Tax Reconciliation
  • Earning Record
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